Algoriddim Djay 4


Algoriddim Djay 4

One of the coolest apps to show off your Mac is Algoriddim’s Djay, which turns even the most music-illiterate schlubs into amateur DJs within a matter of minutes—it’s an absolute blast to use. Today, the developer has released the newest iteration of the software, Djay 4 ($20). Because this is a brand new version, there’s no upgrade path, but given the app’s capabilities, 20 bucks strikes us as a fair price. It’s a complete redesign and rewrite of the stellar title, with plenty of new features to make it even better than before.

Up first, the UI has been updated. Instead of disparate windows, everything is now combined into one and the app supports Lion’s full-screen mode—definitely the best way to use it on smaller machines. There’s also iCloud support, allowing you to share information between your Mac and the iOS version of the app. Djay has always allowed you to match songs based on attributes such as beat and tempo, but version 4 adds Harmonic Matching, allowing you to filter your library by key. Algoriddim has expanded support for MIDI controllers, which is sure to put smiles on the faces of DJs who don’t want to ditch their existing hardware. Other new features include an integrated live sampler and new audio effects.

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