Almove MacBook Holder

Thank goodness for Chrome; its translation feature made it possible for us to read all about Almove’s MacBook Holder (€75/~$98) without having to brush up on our Italian. The design from ddpstudio speaks well for itself, though: available for either the 13” or 15” MacBook Pro, MacBook Holder pulls double duty—it carries your computer, and provides you with a flat surface when it’s time to work.

The carrier has a dual-layer design, with an interior made of a soft, foamy material that protects your laptop. Surrounding that is an aluminum frame that covers about half of the sleeve. It gives you extra protection, but also serves as a portable desk. Not only does it provide a flat surface for your machine, but if you’re using it on your lap, it keeps your legs cool—anyone using a current-generation MacBook Pro can vouch for how valuable a feature that is.

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