Altec Lansing Expressionist Classic FX2020

Altec’s Expressionist Classic FX2020 speakers didn’t blow us away at their original $80 asking price, but these days, they’re selling for $40—a sweet price for a sharp-looking entry level audio system. Made from 6.25” square pieces of translucent acrylic plastic with 3” drivers in the center, the Expressionist Classic system comes with its own power supply and audio cable, ready to plug right into your Mac’s audio-out port, and a nice match for current Cinema Displays and iMacs.

Though the plastic’s supposed to be completely clear, our Backstage article on FX2020 pointed out that it’s actually closer to smoke black, a color choice that actually looks good with the black glass faces of current Apple monitors. Volume buttons on the top of the right speaker let you handle one-time calibration adjustments before turning over similar duties to the Mac itself, allowing Expressionist Classic to sing with its midrange-heavy focus. Budget-conscious users looking for nice style will find these to be a solid pick for the price.

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