Amped Wireless 802.11ac Router, Range Extender + USB Adapter

Amped Wireless is one of the early champions of 802.11ac, the upcoming wireless broadband standard. Today, it unveiled three new devices that’ll be available in early 2013: the RTA15 High Power Dual Band AC 700mW Wi-Fi Router, REA20 High Power Dual Band AC 700mW Wi-Fi Range Extender, and ACA1 High Power Dual Band AC Wi-Fi USB Adapter ($TBD). Yes, that’s a lot of letters and numbers, but summary point: by next year, expect gigabit Wi-Fi speeds thanks to this router, range extender, and USB Adapter.

The RTA15 Router is a beast, packing three dual-band antennas and ten power amplifiers. Users can plug in a USB accessory for wireless connectivity, or hook up five separate wired Internet devices. If you need to broaden the scope of your network, that’s where REA20 comes into play. The extender will extend any 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi network, and shares all the same features as the router. Finally there’s the USB Adapter—something that’ll be a necessary accessory until Apple builds the new standard into its machines. Simply plug ACA1 into one of your Mac’s USB 3.0 ports and you’re good to go with 802.11ac if you have the proper router in place.

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