Andreas Ganske Launchpad-Control

We want to like Lion’s new Launchpad, we really do. But the fact that every single app on your Mac shows up there—with no way to remove most of them—takes away from the experience. After all, how often is the average person going to use ColorSync Utility? Thankfully, German developer Andreas Ganske has released Launchpad-Control (Free) as a solution to that problem. Hopefully Apple will take the hint and add a similar feature in an OS X update.

The tool is a simple System Preference pane. Once installed, it lets you select which apps you want to show up, and which ones you don’t. You can even hide whole folders. It’s definitely a better way to handle things than just moving all of your unwanted apps to the last page—the second best solution we’ve seen so far. Launchpad-Control is free, but if you like it, consider throwing the guy a few dollars through the PayPal donation button.

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