Anne Geddes My First Five Years

It’s time to add baby books to the list of physical items that are successfully being replaced by digital versions. With the release of Anne Geddes’s My First Five Years ($15) in the Mac App Store, new parents can easily chronicle the first five years of a child’s life, using a variety of templates to create an interactive book-like experience. Unlike a printed book, this app gives you the ability to customize the pages to your liking, so it’s easy to see a bright future ahead for the digital evolution of this successful print-based product.

As you’d expect, pictures are a big part of My First Five Years, and the app makes it easy to drag and drop them right in. But you can go beyond that with videos and audio too, a definite advantage over the analog version; a favorite nursery rhyme can be sung and saved for later listening. We’d love to see a way to export My First Five Years content to the iPad, and a tablet-based version of the app seems like a no-brainer too; hopefully updates will add these features, and more.

Nick Guy

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