AOC i2757fh 27” IPS Monitor

Apple’s Thunderbolt Display is a thing of beauty, but the static $999 asking price keeps it out of reach for many users. If you’re searching for a similarly giant display that won’t break the bank, check out AOC’s i2757fh 27” IPS Monitor ($349). The name’s nowhere near as elegant and the specs aren’t completely equivalent to the Thunderbolt Display, but it’s definitely worth considering as a budget solution. It looks pretty nice, too.

i2757fh has a narrow 2mm bezel that the company describes as a borderless design. With 1920 by 1080 pixels, the resolution falls short of the Thunderbolt Display’s 2560 by 1440, but it’s still full 1080p—enough for high-definition videos. Your Mac can be connected over HDMI or VGA depending on which model you’re using and the cables you happen to have lying around. Speakers are built in, and the monitor can be removed from the stand for alternate placement. Worth noting: it can be had for as little as $299, a full 70% less expensive than Apple’s display.

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