APC Back-UPS Connect BGE90M


We were intrigued when APC released the original $50 Back-UPS Connect some months ago, and now it has an even more compelling model called Back-UPS Connect BGE90M ($65). Occasional power interruptions are inevitable, and without a source of backup power, you can lose everything from home lighting to Internet connectivity and digital home telephone service in one fell swoop. Think of Back-UPS Connect BGE90M as the way to keep your cable modem, Wi-Fi router, and other Internet-dependent hardware running when the power goes out. It starts with a battery capable of fueling three power outlets for up to six hours, then adds twin USB ports to help you keep your iPhone or iPad going until power comes back.

BGE90M’s major addition is the set of standard USB ports, collectively offering 2.5A of power that can be split 1.5A and 1.0A as needed for tablets and iPhones. You plug Back-UPS Connect into a wall, where it serves as a power strip for three devices—so long as their cables don’t need three-prong grounding, a potential issue for MacBook users—then leave it on the floor or mount it on a wall with self-provided screws. A power button on the top activates the reserve battery, housed in a compartment on the bottom, and a circuit breaker button can be reset in the event of a power spike. Affordable by backup power standards, BGE90M is a really appealing solution to keep part of your home running no matter what happens.

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