APC Back-UPS Pro


APC Back-UPS Pro

If you’re an iMac, Mac mini, or Mac Pro user, you’ve probably been through this before: a power outage that prevents you from doing some critical work on your computer. Our recommended solution is APC’s Back-UPS Pro family ($140-$250), which provides a variety of safe alternatives for emergency battery-fueled electricity. “UPS” stands for “uninterruptible power supply,” and the Pro family includes four models that vary in battery power—the lowest-end version will keep an iMac running for around 25 minutes per battery, while the top model gives you around an hour of emergency time, assuming nothing else is connected to the unit. Spare batteries can be hot-swapped in without interrupting power, too.

When it’s not using its integrated battery to power your Mac, Back-UPS Pro functions as a surge protector, with six to ten rear ports that are divided into battery-backed and non-battery-backed to save unnecessary energy drain. Each unit is designed for maximum energy efficiency, as well, including features that optionally cut power to idle devices so that you’re not wasting electricity. Given that it’s going to remain out of sight underneath your desk, it’s nicely designed, and definitely delivers peace of mind—you’ll have at least enough time to let you pull key files off of your Mac for longer-term work elsewhere, and possibly enough to last until power’s restored.

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