Apple Campus T-Shirt

Apple Campus T-Shirt 1

Apple Campus T-Shirt 2

Apple Campus T-Shirt 2
Apple Campus T-Shirt 4

Just in case you needed another reason to want to visit Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California, here it is. This t-shirt ($17), emblazoned with the phrase “I visited the Apple campus. But that’s all I’m allowed to say,” is available only in the Apple Company Store—a special shop that’s like other Apple retail stores, but with extra goodies that aren’t found at other locations. Don’t worry if you’re not an Apple employee; the store is open to everyone.

While it doesn’t sell Macs, The Company Store is the only place in the world that sells official Apple logo apparel. You can pick up hoodies, hats, jackets—pretty much anything you can imagine paying a premium for because of an embroidered or painted-on Apple. You may not get your picture next to Steve Jobs in Caffe Macs, but this is the next best thing to prove to your fanboy friends that you made the pilgrimage. Note that the previous version of this shirt included the geekier phrase, “I visited the Mothership,” with an Apple logo on the back. This one’s cooler. (Thanks to D. Waite + M. Mandrake)

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