Apple Logic Pro X 10.3

Apple has announced a major update to its Logic Pro X 10.3 ($200) recording app, with advanced support for the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro models along with a new modern design and several other advanced features. Touch Bar users can now view and navigate their project in a timeline view right in the Touch Bar, along with accessing volume and Smart Controls for any selected track. The Touch Bar also provides access to performance controls, such as a piano keyboard and drum pads to play and record software instruments, and keyboard shortcut sequences can be assigned to controls on the Touch Bar, as well. A new Track Alternatives feature provides the ability to quickly create and switch between different groupings of regions and edits on any track, allowing more flexibility in experimenting with creative ideas or evaluating different versions of a track in progress. Selection-based Processing has also been added, allowing users to combine multiple Logic and third-party effect plug-ins into one or more audio regions.

The Logic Pro X update is also accompanied by an update to GarageBand for iOS that provides the ability to add new tracks to a Logic session from an iPhone or iPad — a new sharing option in Logic Pro X creates a special GarageBand-compatible version of a Logic project that is saved to iCloud, which users can then open on their iOS devices to add new recordings whenever inspiration strikes. The project is then saved back to iCloud, where any added tracks will automatically appear in the original Logic project the next time it’s opened on Mac. A 64-bit summing engine, 192 additional busses and true stereo panning also improve the power of Logic Pro X for professional mixing.

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