Apple Logic Pro X 10.4


Apple Logic Pro X 10.4

Apple has unveiled another big update to its Logic Pro X ($200) recording app, with version 10.4 adding new temp detection technology and a range of new effect plug-ins. The new Smart Tempo feature now automatically manages tempo across all of the content in a project so that users can record tracks more naturally without having to use a metronome or click track to stay in sync with other content in the same project. Similarly, recordings of varying tempos can be merged together and synced up in tempo from different sources.

The update also adds new effects plug-ins, including ChromaVerb, which provides an advanced algorithmic reverb, Vintage EQ, with three plug-ins modelled after 1950s to 1970s era hardware equalizers, Phat FX to add warm, punch, and presence to synths, guitar, bass, and drums, and Step FX which allows users to arrange filters, effects, and independent step sequencers for adding rhythmic movement to any track. Additional new content includes two Drummers that play roots and jazz-influenced brush styles, two vintage brush kits for the Drum Kit Designer feature, more than 800 additional loops and a new library for Alchemy synths with 150 cinematic presets.

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