Apple Mac Icon Font


Apple Mac Icon Font

It was January 24, 30 years ago, that Steve Jobs introduced the Macintosh to the world. Fast forward to today, and obviously things have changed a bit. We’re thrilled to see Apple recognizing the anniversary in its stores and on its website, paying tribute to the machine that made the company what it is. Poke around today, and you’ll see a cool timeline, complete with line graphics of each and every Mac. Developer Greg Barbosa did some digging, and found they’re actually part of a Mac Icon Font (Free, automatic download).

Complete with 64 icons, ranging from the original Macintosh to the new Mac Pro, this font set is a beautiful interpretation of the computer family’s history. Once the font has been installed in Font Book, the characters can be copied and pasted into documents. Unfortunately, since they’re not standard, they can’t be typed using key commands, and they won’t come over Messages properly. Still, it’s a cool tribute, and one we’re happy to have.

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