Apple Mac Pro for (RED)


Apple Mac Pro for (RED)

Jony Ive’s approach to fixing one of the world’s most noteworthy ills: paint everything red. Well, that’s oversimplifying the man’s major recent charitable endeavors, but the single Mac Pro for (RED) (est. $40,000-$60,000+) isn’t the first piece in the collaboration between Ive and Marc Newson to get a new coat for charity. It’ll be auctioned off by Sotheby’s on November 23, 2013 to support the PRODUCT (RED) campaign.

Other than the red color, this Mac Pro seems to be exactly the same as the upcoming tower. There’s no word on what the internal specs are, but it’ll hopefully be at least an 8- or 12-core system. Even if it ends up being a show piece, it should be a powerful one for that price; no word yet on whether the lucky bidder will take delivery of it before the Mac Pro officially hits the rest of the world in December.

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