Apple One to One

If you’ve ever bought a Mac from the Apple Store, you might well have been encouraged to sign up for One to One, a program to help customers learn how to use their Macs and various applications. Believe it or not, the $99 a year training program is actually really useful for switchers, and can help experienced Mac users, as well. Before reading on, note that One to One is only available at the time of purchase of a Mac from an Apple Store, retail or online.

The program actually includes multiple different services under one name, beginning with a file transfer from your old Mac or PC to your new Mac, including photos, music, email accounts, and more. Then you get a year’s worth of training in the Apple Store. One-on-one sessions are available for whatever topic you choose, alongside group training for specific topics, and open training where you can work on whatever project you’d like and ask questions along the way. There’s also a web portal with video tutorials and the ability to track your progress. If you like the service, you can renew up to twice for a total of three years.

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