Apple OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 Update

We don’t usually go out of our way to mention point-updates to Apple’s Mac operating system. Usually, there are few revolutionary new features to be concerned with; we figure most people will update whenever they get around to it, and be just fine until then. OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 (Free) is one of the rare instances in which we suggest going out and upgrading right away. Sure, there are a handful of new tricks, but security is really what’s at stake here.

This version of Mavericks patches the same SSL vulnerability addressed by iOS 7.0.6 late last week. Research showed this was a potential disastrous issue, so it’s good to see it fixed. There is some fun stuff in there too, though. FaceTime audio is now baked in, as is call waiting and contact blocking. Problems with Mail have also been resolved; hopefully Gmail users should be all set now. A handful of other fixes are also included.

Nick Guy

Nick Guy was an Accessories Editor at iLounge. He had reviewed thousands of iPhone, iPod and iPad accessories; provided visitors comprehensive evaluations of products on the industry-leading independent authority.