Apple OS X Server

Apple calls OS X Server ($20) “The Server for everyone.” At such a low cost—and especially compared to the $499 price tag of Snow Leopard Server—it’s a pretty easy purchase. The Mountain Lion add-on is designed to be a really easy, point and click solution; some power users say it’s too simplistic. But for those running a small business or needing a home server, it’s definitely worth consideration.

OS X Server is made to easily share files, calendars, contacts, messages, and more with multiple users over various devices. It can also be used to host a website, setup other Macs, iPhones, and iPads, and backup multiple computers using Time Machine. Best of all it looks just like Mountain Lion, so it’s relatively easy to jump in to. Of course if you want a machine already setup for OS X Server, Apple sells a server edition of the Mac mini for $999, and the Mac Pro for $2,999.

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