Apple Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet + FireWire 800 Adapters

After a slow, expensive start, Thunderbolt might finally be picking up some steam. Apple doubled its line of accessories that take advantage of the high speed accessory at today’s WWDC keynote: joining the ranks of the Thunderbolt Cable and Thunderbolt Display are the Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter ($29) and Thunderbolt to FireWire 800 Adapter ($30).

Apart from the Ethernet and FireWire adapters’ designation as the cheapest Thunderbolt accessories yet—they’re both $20 less than a double-ended Thunderbolt cable—there’s not too much else going on with either model. One end has a standard Thunderbolt plug, while the other has the Ethernet or FireWire 800 port. Clearly, these are geared towards MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Retina display users, as neither machine has those ports, and legacy accessories can now be connected to the new computers. Both adapters are now available directly from Apple.

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