Application Systems London Bridge Project

It’s time to bring out your inner engineer. We didn’t know what to expect when we heard about Bridge Project (£16/~$26), but after checking out Application Systems London’s new game, we’re actually pretty impressed. The developer clearly put some real muscle into this bridge-building title, which looks gorgeous and uses real-world physics, making the higher-than-typical-App-Store-price tolerable. 

There’s really only one goal in Bridge Project, and that’s to build bridges. The game is spread out over a number of landscapes, and you get to use all sorts of materials including wood, stone, and steel in construction. After creating bridges, you run trains, buses, tanks and cars over them to make sure they can handle the weight. Bridge Project is rendered in really nice 3-D with fully formed backgrounds; if you’re into building at all, this will be worth checking out when it’s available.

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