Appnotix Ripped from Reality

Appnotix Ripped from Reality
Appnotix Ripped from Reality

There’s no shortage of speciality photo editing apps in the Mac App Store, allowing you to do everything from HDR to black and white effects, and of course much more. The newest addition to the pack is definitely a standout though, bringing an effect we haven’t seen in any of the others. Ripped from Reality ($8) by Appnotix juxtaposes photography and sketching, resulting in some genuinely cool pictures.

Starting with your picture, you choose which segments maintain realism, and which get stylized. With more than a dozen presets and the ability to choose your own settings, there’s no shortage of layout effects. You even have control over the appearance of the torn edges. Sure, Ripped from Reality is really a unitasker, but it’s a cool one and seems like a lot of fun.

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