Arne Martin Aurlien Safari Keyword Search

Apple’s new version 5.1 of Safari killed support for WebKit Plugins, so now Extensions are the path forward. One that we’re really digging right now is Safari Keyword Search (Free) from Norwegian developer Arne Martin Aurlien. It’s a simple tool based off Keywurl that allows you to use the address bar as the search input for any site you want. If you’re looking for YouTube videos of cats, you can just type “y cats” and you’ll be right there.

Not only does the extension provide you with access to Amazon, eBay, Google, and the like, but you can also edit the list to include your own favorite sites. So if you wanted to add, say, iLounge, you can just right-click when you’re on the page and add the URL. After that, the next time you go to search, just type in “i” and whatever you’re looking for. It’s a pretty handy tool, and at this price, it’s easy to love.

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