Artifox Desk 01

Just like iSkelter with its SlatePro, Artifox has a vision for a Mac-centric desk. Desk 01 ($1,199-$1,399) is a beautiful piece of furniture in its own right, but there are a number of touches that make it quite smart for Mac users. Available in walnut or maple, and for lefties or righties, it may cost more than an Ikea desk, but it looks like it’s worth it.

Made of solid hardwood, the desk has some truly neat features. Like iSkelter’s desk, there’s a tablet/phone slot, and you can string cables through to keep your devices charged. There’s also a hidden drawer for a powerstrip, allowing for clean cable management. Hooks on either side can hold headphones, bags, and more, but the coolest part may just be the white board. Depending on your handedness, the erasable surface is found to the right or left of the desk, and is a smart way to jot down notes or sketch while you work.

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