Artwizz Induction Charger

Apple has a long and checkered history with mouse design. Only a few years ago did it release an almost universally-praised option in the Magic Mouse, now packed-in as standard with every iMac. Problem: Magic Mouse eats batteries every two or three months. That’s where Artwizz comes in with the Induction Charger (€40). This induction charging platform allows you to simply toss your mouse on it when not in use and come back to a full charge, never having to worry about replacing batteries or plugging anything in again. (Sound familiar?)

Induction charging is the same technology used in electric toothbrushes. Get everything lined up correctly, and power is transferred without actually plugging anything in. Induction Charger comes with a special battery pack to replace the two AAs. Put this in place, plug the base into a USB port—no additional power source required—and you’re good to go. A magnet holds the Magic Mouse in place so that it doesn’t move outside of the charging zone. Made of white lacquered plastic and aluminum—better materials than Mobee’s version—this charging station will fit right in on the foot of your iMac or anywhere else on your desk.

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