Aspyr Media Bioshock Infinite


Aspyr Media Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite ($40) is one of the most highly regarded video games of the year, and has finally found its way to the Mac thanks to Aspyr Media. Six months after it was launched for consoles and PCs, it can now be downloaded through the Mac App Store, among other outlets. It’s the third game in the Bioshock series, though not a direct sequel to the first or second games.

Set in the flying city of Columbia in 1912, Infinite puts you in control of Booker DeWitt, a U.S. Cavalry veteran. You’re tasked with rescuing the mysterious Elizabeth, and keeping her safe as you battle enemies that include a murderous, robotic likeness of George Washington. Not only do you have access to traditional weapons such as guns, but there are psychokinetic abilities to be unlocked. As expected from the Bioshock series, it has fantastic, steampunk-influenced graphics and plenty of narrative content; just be aware that it requires 30GB of free disk space on a machine with at least 2.2GHz of CPU power and one of a handful of relatively recent Nvidia or ATI graphics cards. Intel’s HD Graphics 4000 is the only integrated GPU solution supported.

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