Aspyr Media Borderlands 2

One of these days, Mac users will get big games at the same time they’re released on other platforms. In the meantime, the Mac App Store release delay for Aspyr Media’s Borderlands 2 ($45*) isn’t too terrible. While it’s been available on Steam for a month already—and you can’t use the DLC from that version with the one that’s just been released—the Mac App Store version comes with Apple’s usual installation and updating conveniences.

Borderlands 2 is one of 2012’s top games, selling over five million copies by successfully combining elements of RPGs and first-person shooters together into what the developer calls a “role playing shooter” style. The graphics look like a comic book come to life in a 3-D environment. Exclusive to this version of the game are special skins and an extra mod. Missing, however, is multiplayer; it’s coming as a free update in early 2013.

Nick Guy

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