Atama Sesame


Atama Sesame

Concerned about safety on your Mac? Worried someone might break in when you step away? That’s exactly the issue Atama’s Sesame ($40) is made to address. A small fob, Sesame uses Bluetooth 4.0 to automatically lock and unlock your Mac, all based on proximity. In an office setting, it could be a really valuable solution.

Sesame is designed to be worn on your person. A promo video suggests that it can be worn around your neck, which we wouldn’t do, but it would could well on a keychain or bag instead. When you walk away, the digital leash is broken, and your Mac will fall asleep. You can choose just how far away you’d like that distance to be. Then when you return, there are two options: Sesame can automatically wake your Mac up, or you can require a password before diving in and and getting back to work.

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