Audyssey Lower East Side Media Speakers

Designed and named after the New York City neighborhood known for its music culture, Audyssey’s new Lower East Side Media Speakers ($200) are pretty cool. Sure they have the same form factor as a lot of computer speakers—albeit with a more attractive design than many—but they also pack in some interesting features you may not have seen in the past. On top of promising great sound, the company is offering options to make them usable with more than just your computer.

What’s most unique are the audio-in connection options. On top of the standard 3.5mm line-in, there is also a TOSLINK digital connection—which means you can connect them to devices like your AppleTV or gaming system in addition to your Mac. In terms of sound output, the Lower East Sides have Audyssey’s Smart Speaker technology as well as a passive bass radiator made to boost the bass above any other similarly-sized units. We’re looking forward to hearing these when they’re released in the fall.

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