Bare Bones Software BBEdit 10

Whether you’re a hardcore HTML coder, a dedicated programmer, or simply looking for the best text editor around, you’re going to want a copy of BBEdit 10 ($50). The latest version of the de facto standard for text editing on Mac OS adds in a ton of new groovy features while dropping the cost of entry in half, thanks to the Mac App Store and its lack of a license migration feature—hence why the App Store is still showing v9.6.3, as v10 will be a free upgrade once it drops.

New in this text Swiss Army Knife of a program are project and document window upgrades, a totally re-imagined preferences window, a new Setup window, a redesigned UI for the built-in HTML markup tools, switchable syntax color schemes, the ability to edit, save, and search-and-replace documents that are stored within Zip files, and the new feature du jour, Dropbox support.

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