Bartels Media ShareMouse

There’s no shortage of hardware KVM—keyboard, video, mouse—switches out there for the Mac; we featured a particularly full-featured one from j5 create a few months ago. Now Bartels Media has decided to shake up the game a bit with the release of ShareMouse. Free for personal use, this piece of software replicates those physical switches, allowing you to share a mouse and keyboard between two computers… or up to a staggering 26 Macs or PCs if you’re a Pro User.

The setup for ShareMouse is remarkably easy. There are no settings to adjust or anything like that for basic use; you simply install the software on the computers you’re using and it’ll link them up. We found the app to be just the tiniest bit laggy with both the keyboard and trackpad, but totally usable. For users with a pair of Macs but only limited keyboard space on their desk, this may be a killer solution. To use more than two computers, you need to purchase a $25 license for each additional machine.

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