Whether you’re a professional graphic designer or somebody who simply dabbles in building web sites or brochures, chances are there’s been a time when you’ve wanted to create really impressive page headings or other text elements. If so, you’ll want to take a closer look at Belight Software’s Art Text 3 ($50), a totally redesigned update to the company’s graphic design app for creating word art, logos, 3D text designs, and more. It’s a great tool whether you’re simply looking to design graphical buttons and headers for your website or publish newsletters and flyers. The update also features a new embedded 3D modeling engine that helps you create real 3D graphics and illustrations, allowing you to convert any text, symbol. or pictogram to 3D with realistic results, along with a huge selection of styles, materials, mask presets, tileable textures, geometry transformation tools, and more.

Best of all, Art Text 3 makes it really straightforward for the average user to create impressive graphic content with a minimal amount of effort, and the app packs in 23 transformations, 700 icons, over 30 light effects and masks, 50 stains and blobs, over 70 text styles, 200 customizable 3D materials, and 600 textures, so you can easily mix and match elements to create your own unique designs. The resulting files can be used on the web, or as elements in Keynote, Pages, Word, PowerPoint, and more. Users of a prior version of Art Text can upgrade to Art Text 3 for only $30, and you can pick up Art Text 3 on the Mac App Store for only $30 until May 31, 2016.