Belkin 7-Port Ultra-Slim USB 2.0 Metal Desktop Hub

When it comes to USB hubs, not too much has to be said: Macs always seem to have a need for extra ports. Even the iMac can use a hand from time to time. As a solution for adding extras, we really like Belkin’s 7-Port Ultra-Slim USB 2.0 Metal Desktop Hub ($50). That’s right: you can now have up to 10 USB ports on your desktop Mac, a nice number, right?

What we really like about this particular hub is its design. Instead of a compact block or some other weird shape, it’s a clean, simple straight line. On the right end is a port for connecting to your machine, as well as one for the wall adapter needed to power the hub. While we really dig the metal body of the seven-port version, a black plastic version is available as well for $40. If seven ports seems like overkill, you can save $15 and go with a smaller four-port metal model, found as a $35 option on the Apple Store web page.

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