Belkin DuraTek USB–C Cable


Belkin DuraTek USB–C Cable

While we don’t normally get all that enthused about cables, if you need a USB-C cable for your new MacBook Pro that will withstand just about anything, you’ll want to take a look at Belkin’s new DuraTek USB-C cable ($30). Inspired by industrial cabling, race car and aerospace construction methods, this new USB-IF certified cable features Kevlar-reinforced conductors that protect the wires inside, a double-braided nylon cable jacket, and longer, flexible strain relief to help absorb bending stresses. As cables go, it’s also one of the more attractive designs we’ve seen.

As with all Belkin products, the DuraTek USB-C cable is rigorously quality-tested and meets USB-IF certification standards. This newest version is the latest in the company’s MIXIT DuraTek lineup that already features recently-launched Lightning and Micro-USB versions. It also comes with a five-year limited warranty.

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