Big Blue Bubble Burn the Rope

It was hot on the iPhone, so naturally you’re going to dig Burn the Rope ($6) from Big Blue Bubble on the bigger screen of a Mac. The goal of the game is to burn away all the ropes using a flame—the catch is that the flame can only burn upwards. On the iOS version you actually rotated your iPhone or iPod touch around to keep the flame properly oriented. Rather than making you twist around your Mac, the developers were kind enough to include an on-screen hand to turn the puzzle.

What starts out as a pretty easy game ends up getting tough: there are over 100 levels, and things get more complicated as you go, with multiple rope paths to burn at the same time. Sure, anyone can burn ropes in the shape of flying saucers, but just wait until you have to do it with multicolored ropes that can only be burned by correlating flames—and oh yeah, you have bugs attacking you. If you loved the original or if you never had a chance to play it and are just looking for an addictive puzzle game, light this one up in the Mac App Store.

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