Binary Formations Home Inventory

Binary Formations Home Inventory

If you’ve ever stopped to think about just how much stuff you have in your house—and how little record you have of everything in the case of loss—then you’ll likely understand the value of Binary Formations’ app Home Inventory ($20). Recently updated with tons of new features, this title is a useful way to keep track of all that stuff for insurance reasons, or for your own organizational purposes.

Plus, it works in conjunction with your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

With Home Inventory, you’re able to tag every belonging in your house or apartment, along with its value, warranty information, purchase history, and more.

It also helps you schedule maintenance for household tasks, pushing them to the Calendar or Reminders apps if you’d like. Dropbox backup support is built-in, and the app even tells you if you have enough insurance to cover the value of your goods.