Bloop Airmail

While iOS email apps have garnered a lot of attention lately, Bloop hasn’t been ignoring the Mac. It has just released Airmail ($2), which it calls “the mail client for the 21st century.” Compatible with Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo!, and other IMAP services, it’s made to work equally well with one or more accounts. Everything is designed to be simple, including the minimalist interface and the ways you interact with it.

Not unlike OS X’s native Mail app, Airmail is set up in columns, with access to your accounts and folders on the right, followed by the list of your messages, and then a pane to display the body of your email. Interestingly, you can split these into separate windows if you choose. One of the app’s coolest features is Quick Reply, a mode that creates a simple pop-over window, allowing you to quickly shoot a message back in response. Attachments are handled with a drag and drop interface, and messages are grouped by conversation. If Apple’s Mail isn’t cutting it for you, the $2 price of Airmail makes it easy to consider as an alternative.

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