Bluelounge Postal Bag

With computer bags, you’re generally stuck in one of two scenarios—something slim that can’t carry a lot, or one that’s big but inconvenient when you don’t have a ton to tote around. Postal Bag ($129), new from Bluelounge, solves that issue by transforming based on your needs. Capable of holding a 13” MacBook in one orientation or a 15” MacBook Pro in another, it flips and folds, making it two bags in one.

When you’re using a 13” MacBook, the laptop fits in the bright orange bag horizontally; the top folds over and clasps shut with a snap. Postal Bag can then be carried by the shoulder strap. But if you’re using a 15” Pro, the laptop slips in vertically, and the bag is used as a slim-line tote, with handles at the top. Naturally, Bluelounge included extra pockets for your accessories, and the fabric bag has all of the company’s clean design elements.

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