Bluelounge StudioDesk XL

Did you know that removing clutter from your workspace can help de-clutter your mind as well? Yup, and the Bluelounge StudioDesk XL ($800) was designed for exactly this purpose. Featuring a hidden, secret storage compartment, it lets you stow enormous power bricks, cords, cables, drivers, hubs, and other electronic junk out of sight, leaving your working environment as cord-free as possible.

Measuring nearly five feet wide and over two feet deep, the XL is a sturdy piece of kit, made with solid mahogany for the legs and details, with white laminate for the desktop and storage areas. It’s signature feature, however, is the sliding top—complete with a removable faux leather mat—that covers the storage compartment but also serves to bring your laptop’s keyboard and screen closer to you, letting you decide on a distance that’s right for you.

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