Bluelounge has done a pretty good job of establishing itself as one of the top makers of cable management solutions, and its newest product Sumo ($12) only furthers its reputation. This simple “paperweight for your cables” will be a welcome accessory, and if your desk is anything like ours, you may even want a few of them to keep all of the cords organized. Better yet, the price is as close to fair as Bluelounge’s designs get these days.

Underneath the square frame, Sumo has two raised grooves that are separated by a small divider, which makes it perfect for a pair of cables. In addition to its weight, a pair of micro-suction pads on the feet hold the organizer securely in place on your desk. Because it’s not a traditional adhesive, the micro-suction material can be cleaned and reused. Sumo is available in two Apple-matching colors: black and white.