Bodhi MacBook/iPad Convertible Tote

There are more than a few reasons to like Bodhi’s Macbook/iPad Convertible Tote ($250). It’s a truly nice-looking bag, with room to carry not only an 11” or 13” MacBook/Air, but your iPad, too. The company chose some really high-quality materials to make the bag. And, importantly, it’s significantly less expensive than other bags from Bodhi, including its Ostrich Zip Top Messenger—a fancy colored birdskin bag that sells for $758.

Convertible Tote is built with Italian leather, including the zipper pull and the handles. If you prefer wearing the bag over your shoulder, Bodhi includes a removable nylon carrying strap. There’s a pocket on the front to hold your iPad as well as a keyboard, and another for your iPhone. Faux fur lines the padded sleeve that holds your computer, keeping it nice and safe from the elements.

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