Booq Boa Flow

One might think that with MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones able to do more and more everyday, people wouldn’t have to carry as much with them as before to accomplish the same tasks. While this can be true in some instances, photographers know that even though an iOS device can snap some nice shots, there’s no ditching their DSLRs. That’s where Booq’s Boa Flow ($225) comes in.

Boa Flow is huge in a good way—it can hold your Mac, your iPad, your camera, lenses, big headphones, and a whole lot more. The number of pockets is impressive, as is the sheer capacity of some of the pockets. What’s really cool is how the camera storage is handled. Rigid frames are used to split out a space in the main pocket of the bag. If you’re not carrying your camera, you can simply fold the frames down for more room. Being from Booq, you can expect high build quality and really nice materials.

Nick Guy

Nick Guy was an Accessories Editor at iLounge. He had reviewed thousands of iPhone, iPod and iPad accessories; provided visitors comprehensive evaluations of products on the industry-leading independent authority.