BoutiqueID Felt Animal MacBook Sleeves

Been looking for a laptop carrier with a bit more character than your average nylon bag can provide? These BoutiqueID Felt Animal MacBook Sleeves ($72-$97) should do the trick. Available in a variety of sizes fitting anything from the svelte 11-inch MacBook Air up to the comparatively gargantuan 15-inch MacBook Pro, they come in two main designs: Owl or Wolf, with a Penguin option for 11-inch MBA owners.

All of the handmade sleeves are made with 100% wool, 3mm “designer” felt, with metal button/loop closures, black cotton lining, front pockets, two D-rings on the back for carrying it around with the included black strap, and Swarovski rhinestones in the eyes for an added bit of sparkle.

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