Braun BNC010 Alarm Clock

Is Braun’s BNC010 ($100) the alarm clock Apple would make if Apple made alarm clocks? Well no, probably not, but it’s easy to see that the two companies still share a design aesthetic. Looking at this clock, we can’t help but think of an old white iPod tilted on its side. It’d be a great fit in the bedroom or office of any Mac lover.

Available in black, white, and blue, BNC010 has all the features you’d expect from an alarm clock. It picks up AM and FM bands, supports 12 or 24 hour mode, and most importantly, boasts a snooze button. The display is a reverse LCD, and has a backlight for when you need it. This clock is a great choice for travelers too, as it supports a radio controlled function that automatically sets the time in the UK, Europe, Japan, and the US.

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