Bretford MobilePro Desk Mount Combo

Having a dual-monitor setup can be a real boon to productivity, and mounting your display may free up some much-needed desk space. So combining the two seems like a good idea, and that’s precisely what Bretford has done with its Apple-exclusive MobilePro Desk Mount Combo ($230). Not only does it get your big screen off the desk, but it lifts up your MacBook Pro, as well, allowing you to position both right where you want them.

The mount works with any VESA-mountable Apple products, including 24” and 27” iMacs, Cinema Displays, Thunderbolt Displays, and even 30” Cinema Displays. You do have to provide your own VESA adapter; they’re available from Apple for $29. MobilePro also holds any MacBook Pro, all the way up the the 17-incher. Both sides are fully adjustable in height, depth, tilt, and even support both portrait and landscape orientation. The only real requirement is that your desk has to be a solid surface between 0.5 and 1.125 inches thick for installation, which should be just fine for most users.

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