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Briefs LC Briefs

We won’t dive fully into the pre-release history, but we’d bet the developers at Briefs LC are excited to see that Briefs ($200) is finally available in the Mac App Store. First submitted for approval in 2010, it can now be downloaded, along with the companion Briefscase app for iPad and iPhone. If you’re looking to mockup apps using a Mac, Briefs offers you a way to do it, complete with an elegant drag and drop interface.

Briefs lets you visually design iPad or iPhone apps before worrying about any of the coding. Once you’ve placed all your images, you can link paths; everything is laid out in terms of scenes, actors, and actions. With the Briefscase app, you can beam the design straight to an iOS device, and view updates in realtime. If you’d like to play around with Briefs before purchasing it, you can download a trial version at the company’s site.

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