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Although Apple has made some very nice improvements to its built-in Calendar app in macOS over the years, Apple’s core app remains focused on simplicity and easy of use, lacking the sophistication that many power users are looking for in a calendar app. Fortunately, if you’re somebody with a busy lifestyle who is looking for more from your macOS Calendar app, BusyMac has you covered with BusyCal 3 ($50). This new version of the popular calendar app brings a collection of great new features, including things that were previously the exclusive domain of Apple’s own Calendar app, such as support for travel times. BusyCal 3 continues to allow you to customize your calendar view with everything from font styles and colors to time formats, number of days or weeks shown, and more.

Further, the embedded info panel gets a complete redesign in BusyCal 3, with a cleaner and more modern look and support for new features such as assigning tags to events and tasks. To-dos are still integrated into BusyCal as well, synced with your iCloud Reminders. They appear not only in a separate list, but in-line with your calendar events, so you can see your plan for the day or week at an easy glance. The menu bar app also gets a nice redesign with a mini-month calendar view that provides a visual density map of availability, a 10-day weather forecast, and a scrolling list of your events and tasks. Additional features include Smart Filters for creating saved searches, an enhanced view for alarms, and support for adding graphics to your calendar so you can easily see special days at a glance.