Carbon Fiber Magic Magic Mouse Vinyl Cover

Sure, Apple’s Magic Mouse is cool, but they all look the same. If you’ve been looking for some way to personalize the multi-touch mouse, here’s an option: the Magic Mouse Vinyl Cover ($29/$99) from Carbon Fiber Magic. No, it’s not real carbon fiber, but the textured sticker comes in four shades and might make your Mouse stand out from the crowd a bit.

Ever try to putting a sticker on a curved surface before? It’s pretty tough—that’s why Carbon Fiber Magic does it for you. For $29, you can mail your own Magic Mouse in and let the company put it on for you; the turn around time is one to two days. Or, if you want to start completely from scratch, $99 gets you a pre-covered, brand new Magic Mouse. The company also offers matching keyboard and Magic Trackpad versions of the sticker, assuming that faux carbon fiber appliques really get you excited.

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