Case Scenario Space Invaders Sleeve

There are two main factors that set Case Scenario’s Space Invaders Sleeve (€40/~$54) for the 13” and 15” MacBook Pros apart. One is the license from the legendary 80’s video game—the sleeves are available in two different coated-canvas designs: one is white with a black sprite repeated over the surface, while the other has a black background and a rainbow array of space ships lined up diagonally across the sleeve.

The other cool feature isn’t visible from the outside of the sleeve; it’s the really nice inner lining. Instead of a simple microfiber or other cloth material, the company chose to use a soft, puffy, quilted design. The color scheme matches the outside of the case, which is a nice touch. If Space Invaders isn’t your thing, Case Scenario also has licensing deals with Pantone and Keith Haring, among others.

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