CB2 7-Piece Groove Aluminum Coasters With Stand Set

It’s time to free your desk from the rings left by morning coffee, and puddles from sweating water bottles. No, we’re not talking about picking up a bunch of doilies. Crate and Barrel’s imprint CB2 has a solution that’s similar to the ones iLounge’s editors use and love: the 7-Piece Groove Aluminum Coasters with Stand Set ($20).

These three and a half inch square coasters are machined out of aluminum, and go well with the look of most Macs. On the underside is soft foam to keep your desk from getting scratched up. Each coaster has a series of ridges, providing a nice textured effect. The included stand is just as nice; we could easily see it being repurposed as a holder for any number of things when not in use. You might even own one or two of them.

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