Celmaro Plug Spy

We’ve talked about ways to protect your Mac from theft before—Griffin’s TechSafe Cable Lock System was a noteworthy hardware solution. Unfortunately, even that well-designed accessory doesn’t have universal compatibility across Apple’s notebook line—it doesn’t work with the MacBook Air—and a locking system can be a pain to actually set up. Fortunately, Celmaro has come up with a software solution that really does work with any Apple laptop running Lion: Plug Spy ($1). This ingenious little app integrates right into the screensaver and password system of your computer, transforming your power supply into a theft alarm.

If someone removes the MagSafe Adapter or closes the lid while Plug Spy is running and a screensaver is active, the app will start playing an “annoying high volume alert.” In addition to that, there’s Growl support, so notifications can be pushed to your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad if you’re using Prowl. Plug Spy will even attempt to grab a picture using the built in FaceTime camera on your machine. There’s no guarantee the app will keep your machine from disappearing, but for a buck, it’s a neat Mac App Store alternative to traditional security measures.

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