Charles Aroutiounian AtmoBar 3

If you’re a Netatmo user, you’re probably already at least passingly familiar with Charles Aroutiounian’s AtmoBar client, which lets you monitor your Netatmo stations right from your Mac desktop. If you’ve found the prior version to have gotten a little stale, you’ll be happy to know that Aroutiounian has completely rewritten it from the ground up, re-releasing it with full support for all of the newest Netatmo modules, including the Rain Gauge and Wind Gauge.

As with the prior version, AtmoBar 3 lets you keep track of your indoor and outdoor temperatures right from your Mac menu bar, but that’s not all — you can click on the menu bar and also get altitude, indoor CO2 levels, indoor pressure, and sound level, even providing graphs of how that information has changed over time.


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